lundi 10 juillet 2017

hasbara - the Jewish conspiracy to control internet discussion

Hasbara trolls are the bane of rational discussion of Jewish or Israeli activities. And that is nowhere better demonstrated than at ISF.

So, what is hasbara, and how does it work? Fortunately this is a conspiracy in plain sight, but sometimes the view is a little clouded as on US wiki, where there is no entry for hasbara, however, there is an entry on German wiki and google will translate the page for you for a quick overview ...

wiki - hasbara

For a critical look at hasbara trolls and their methods see ...

A Guide to Internet Trolls

And for those interested in a hasbara fellowship -

Hasbara fellowships

For a critical view from Haaretz ...

Israeli Propaganda Isn't Fooling Anyone – Except Israelis

read more:

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