samedi 1 juillet 2017

Flight 175 Engine Theories Silenced

Hello. For my first post, void of links, a lesson for victims of Pilots for 9/11 Truth's video "9/11: Identify," specifically the portion on YouTube with ID# PhqZQqQdjyk titled "Murray Street Engine." You'll see my comments there. I'm CTV911. I plan to participate in a thread created here some time ago with the title of my free 244-page (60MB PDF) e-book "9/11 Debris: An Investigation of Ground Zero," which has a chapter section on the engines found.

In summary, the Flight 175 "wrong engine theory" as I call it (launched by Darren aka Weezula on pumpitout forum thread "Church & Murray Street Engine IDENTIFIED!" in 2009) says it could not have been a Boeing 767's engine because the TOBI duct assembly seen in photos and video was not used on Boeing 767s. The specific engine model, Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4D was not listed on TOBI duct part manufacturer Chromalloy's catalog specs; and that was the proof.

Funny, the theory speculated the engine was from a 747, all of which have 4 engines. Apparently the 767 was outfitted with two 747 engines to fly faster!(?) That is, since the video doesn't suggest the engine was planted there with dry ice as fake smoke! (Seriously, I've heard that from no-planers.)

To silence this theory, I contacted a plane engine mechanic, Fred Robel on Google+, and asked for photos of the TOBI duct in a Pratt JT9D-7R4D. I was answered. A quick search can find it, or click the link in the comments I posted on YouTube.

The end. Silence.

While researching this subject, I managed to identify one of the engine parts currently on display in the Washington D.C. Newseum as coming from American Flight 11, not United 175 as the museum's signs say (and as the FBI's website says about the exhibit "Inside Today's FBI"). I wrote an article on my blog at and made a couple videos about it. "Flight 11 Plane Engine Identified 2016..." is the shorter of the two. I was surprised the FBI didn't know, since they had help from the NTSB.

The American 767 had GE engines, so it was quite simple to identify. No serial numbers were matched to aircraft registration, so this isn't an absolute proof of Flight 11 to the misled truthers. But then, what would be?

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