lundi 10 juillet 2017

Environmental Mega-disaster within 100 years

Very disturbing article here that argues that measures against climate change are too little too late and the repercussions of climate change have been severely understated.

It's a long article that goes into
-Food security
-Air quality
-Water security

If this is only half right, our "decision" to build a fossil fuelled high-tech society may be the end of an inhabitable earth and the end of -well- us.

It's too long to quote and do it justice. But I hope it sparks discussion.

Personally, I find it quite believable and see no real path to solutions as I don't see 7 billion people revert to a low-tech society.

Usually, I end apocalyptic subjects with a joking 'Invest in ammo and canned goods', but after reading this I'm quite bullish on heroin, hookers and VR-glasses to mentally escape the impending doom.

If the discussion moves to the scientific merits of the article, mods might want to move this to the Science sub-forum.

via International Skeptics Forum

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