mercredi 5 juillet 2017

Anybody else relize the grab for voting records is planned awhile back?

I ah, tried to do an absentee ballot for me and my wife, Despite having voted in the same place the past few years my ballot did not come and my residency was challenged. At the same time my wife's voting was denied because it was on an obsolete form gotten on-line. However, my wife's absentee ballot was delivered just fine. She could however not use it since the time had passed to register. Since my vote was challenged, I couldn't vote Even though I provided proof of residence the judge still wouldn't let me vote. Finally late in the evening he did. I am guessing they want to make this centralized database to help their rank and file harass democrats to keep them from voting. I assume the GOP will then disclaim by calling them Patriots or something simular. I assume sometime during the next election will stop calling it America and instead call it Putin district 13; not that there is anything wrong with that!

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