mercredi 5 juillet 2017

A Different Way To Campaign?

The campaign spending in the Georgia special election ended up running over $50 million, ~$20 from the Republicans and ~$30 from the Democrats.

It seems to me that in the digital age money would become less important as candidates can reach large numbers of people through various social media platforms for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and campaign operations. Money is still important, but it's becoming cheaper to reach more people and also to target more specifically.

It also seems like the excessive amounts being spent on campaigns today is a waste.

What if they instead gave themselves some sort of voluntary cap, say a few million, and after reaching that continued to raise funds but for various projects and things the area actually needs? For example, say the dems spent $5 mil on the race, and that was their cap, but they could still raise $30 mil so they used that other $25 mil to immediately go towards the type of projects the party would like to do more of if in office. If they support quality infrastructure they use it on a highway that needs repair, or a water system that needs replacement pipes. Or they might use it to expand healthcare services to an area that needs them but is currently insufficiently served.

I don't know all the campaign finance rules and how they would go about being able to do this legally, whether within the campaign or outside via a PAC or some other option. Politicians and their lawyers seem to be good at finding loopholes or creating them too.

In any case, these things would in turn likely generate media attention anyway and they can show how they are already doing things to help the state and showing what sorts of things they would do, all during the actual campaign.

Assuming this were legally permissible, would it be effective? There has to be a better, less wasteful way of doing this...

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