lundi 12 juin 2017

What a wonderful problem to have: 1/3 of world overweight

All of human history worldwide, and in the west until about 40 years ago, the primary problem, as measured by economists, was lack of calories per person, or expensive calories per person. The idea of more than a vanishing fraction of the population with too-much-fat problems was an aspiration way, way up there, look up in the sky, where death rates are significantly lower.

Just noting this for the bigger picture.

Also, I note this 1/3 is "overweight and obese". IIRC, some years back, the "overweight" category (as opposed to obese) was found to be the longest-lived, which opened eyes because apparently nobody correlated body fat to longevity, and just assumed what doctors considered normal was also optimal for longevity.

Has this been corrected, the label shifted to what body fat percent it covers, so that "overweight" is bad again, being the point where longevity starts to drop off? Perhaps it should be given a new name, like Alittlegrossbutlongestlived.

via International Skeptics Forum

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