vendredi 2 juin 2017

We need folk songs!

Goddammiit, we need folks songs for our time!

Here's one. I leave the music to somebody else.

Well they go
Stump stump stump
In behind of Donny Trump
And their bulb burns dimmer ev’ry night.
But got their belief
So don’t you give ‘em any grief,
Cuz they know they’re marchin’
Toward the right.

And they go K K K,
Doin’ what old Bannon say,
And their bellies keep on getting’ bigger.
With Jesus on their team
They got a head o’ steam,
And they plan on lynchin’
Every Afirican American.

So they go
Hump hump hump
Up against ole Donny’s rump,
And it won’t be long b’fore they cum.
‘N when they do,
It’ll be all over you
Cuz you libtards don’t know how to be so dumb.

via International Skeptics Forum

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