dimanche 11 juin 2017

The most harmful conspiracy theory...

Earlier, after reading the thread about the Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist convict of making death threats, I got to thinking about just how much harm can be done by this type of quack thinking.

I got curious, so I thought I would ask: what do you think is the most harmful conspiracy theory out there and why? I don't mean things like religions, but conspiracy theories where people believe that powerful individuals or groups are manipulating things behind the scenes for their own nefarious ends.

For me, I would argue that one of the worst is the anti-vaxxers, who argue that vaccines are bad and the government and big pharm are secretly conspiring to hide the truth in order to maximize profits. They cause countless people to avoid vaccines that could be life saving, and they also cast doubt on the entire medical community, which I would argue causes many people to avoid medical treatment in general until it may be too late.

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