dimanche 11 juin 2017

My cat took a turn for the worst

My cat which has diabetes, got very sick this morning, he started to vomit all his food then he started to have breathing problem. I did not recognize it as hypoglycemie so i did not give him glucose
, but i immediately went for a taxi. Inside half way he had a seizure, so i realized it was probanly hypoglicemie, so i stopped at a gelato, took their liquid sugar and rubbed my cat lip (he was conscious the whole way) and he seemed better afterward no more seizure. 15 minutes later, maybe 20 (taxi guy was an idiot) he was at the clinic under a sugar drip.

Between breathing problem start and clinic, it was maybe 40 to 50 minutes.

But once they let me caress the cat (they keep him 24h) i saw that while his head was straigth, not droopy, he did xnot seem to be remarking i was there, pupil were dilated a lot.

I have the feeling i was not quick enough. Vet told me we will see tommorow if there are brain damages, but due to the seizure and pupil i expect fully the worst.

Terribly painful lessom learned :
1) profilactic i should have givrn him sugar. I am an imbecile. I was in sheer panic.
2) if a cat is diabetic and vomit his food pay attention that his blood sugar dont drop

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