samedi 10 juin 2017

Motor Neurone Disease and Neale Daniher

This is a thread about an inspirational man, a MND sufferer, who has and still is making a difference.

Neale Daniher was a champion Australian Rules footballer, one of four brothers who all played at the top level. He retired early due to severe knee injuries, and then moved into coaching. He was the coach of Melbourne AFL club when my son started work there as a trainee. My son is now Media Manager and has known Neale for about 12 years.

Everyone who knows him agree he's a good bloke.

Anyway in 2013 he was diagnosed with MND. He soon found out how poorly funded it was and decided to devote what remained of his life to do something about it. He has raised over $8million, and the research this has generated is very promising. Too late for him, of course.

On Monday is Big Freeze 3, where celebrities like Lleyton Hewitt and Adam Gilchrist slide into a tub of freezing water at the Melbourne Cricket Ground before an AFL match and about 80,000 people. There are some secret celebrities who my son won't tell me about. But it's a fun event. Catch it on YouTube if you can.

Anyway, the point of this is that we have a man who is not feeling sorry for himself and is making a difference. My son caught up with him the other day for coffee, and doesn't think he will make it to next year.

So let's raise a glass to Neale Daniher. A great man by any measure. Check out Big Freeze 3.

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