lundi 12 juin 2017

Libya's Great Man-Made River ... $25 Billion Dollars

I was watching a documentary on this project and it seemed insanely expensive.

I compared it to Israel's reverse-osmosis desalination plants and the Libyan project costs four thousand times more per water volume according to my calculations.

Here's a portion of the info I gathered

The Libyan project is using over $25 billion Dollars initial cost to build pipelines (and dig 3000 wells) to pump 6.5 million cubic metres of water (per day) to the sea side*.
That equals a rate of $4000 for each cubic meter of water per day.

Meanwhile existing technology (reverse-osmosis desalination) in use in Israel can de-salinate water at under a rate of $1 per cubic meter (per day).^ As they produce 625,000 cubic metres of water a day, with only an initial cost of $500,000

^Israel's reverse-osmosis desalination ...

*Libya's Great Man-Made River ...;

via International Skeptics Forum

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