lundi 15 mai 2017

Windows 10 preventing screen going blank

Am I missing something, or what's going on?

This is not my own machine. It's my mom's laptop, and I'm doing some maintenance. There's something running, and I want to monitor it's progress. Screen goes blank after a few minutes.

I set the screen options on the energy savings to "never".

But there's still a screensaver settings window (which still looks the same as it did under Windows XP, BTW, except for some details). Screensaver is set to "none". Below it is a "activate after" option, which is set to "3 min" (which seems to correlate with the blanking time). You can't turn it off. You can't set the time to "never", as far as I can tell.

So what am I missing?

ETA: It is indeed the time on the screensaver setting. I set it to a few thousand minutes, and the screen blanking is gone for all intents and purposes.

ETA2: I said above that the screensaver setting window looks the same as it did all the way back to Windows XP. Now, I seem to recall that back then the "activate time" setting would grey out if you select the "(none)" screensaver. Since, well, it doesn't make sense to activate a non-existing screensaver.

Which is what is happening right now.

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