mercredi 17 mai 2017

White Peoples Achievements

Just recently I stumbled over a guy called Milo Yiannopoulos and another one called Ben Shapiro. Due to listening to their speeches on Youtube I learned about things called "micro aggressions", "safe spaces", "fainting couch feminism", "white privilege", "the unlimited spectrum of genders" and other retarded and/or regressive crap like that ... seemingly with the goal of making the world a worse and certainly more divided, incompetend, intolerant, complicated, violent and/or racist place.

So since "white men” on campuses these days seem to be just a bunch of disposable and hyper-privileged, woman- and minority-hating trash — especially all those "Nazis" disagreeing with those spoiled rich and/or privileged kids, I wonder about all the POSITIVE INTERCULTURAL DEVELOPMENTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTIES that actually came about thanks to a majority of "white people”.

Also this thread is not meant to have a discussion about crap on campuses, feel free to open a discussion thread on your own with or without referring to this thread. THIS thread is meant to collect positive things about people with a similar light skin color as my average “native European” one. I want to be proud of something, too - goddammit! :mad:

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