mercredi 3 mai 2017

The Exodus may be an overly exaggerated story based on true events

A common debate between skeptics of religion(like me) is what events (if any) in the Bible are historical. One of the most debated is that of the alleged Exodus of Israeli slaves from Egypt into what is today Israel/Palestine.
This event is said to have taken place sometime in the 1200s BC. When we look at a map of Egypt at that time we see that it's in its final years of the New Kingdom and we see that Palestine is part of the empire.

The New Kingdom fell apart in 1077 BC, right around the time of the alleged Exodus. Much of the Old Testament is a propagandist Version of the Kingdom of Israel's history. What I believe the authors of the Exodus were doing was retelling the story but giving it a good nationalistic spin. What I believe really happened was this: Moses is an Egyptian name. He was a real person born of Egyptian nobility and was likely chosen as the local ruler of Palestine. When the New Kingdom started to crumble and the military started to weaken Moses(probably along with some other local rulers of other provinces) saw his chance to become ruler in his own right. So he rebeled against against the Pharoah and soon gained independence for Palestine. After that the region then split into 12 tribes until they were reunited hundreds of years later into a unified Kingdom where the government ordered its religious leaders to write a(exaggerated) history of the nation.


via International Skeptics Forum

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