jeudi 18 mai 2017

RIP UK Justice

So, a drug addict father of 25 kids (23 actually, as two are now dead) by 18 different women tortures his latest newborn baby over a period of at least a week, fracturing her ribs 40 times, cracking her skull and delivering fatal brain damage, then cooks up a plan with his girlfriend to cover up the murder by strapping the dead baby to the latter's chest, boarding a bus then pretending the child had simply passed away. As the girlfriend set off on her journey the couple gave each other the thumbs up. The girlfriend sent a few texts on her phone and then raised the alarm and sat back as fellow passengers attempted to revive the dead baby.

Both were jailed for 11 years which in the UK means a maximum of 5.5 years in jail and the rest on licence, unless further crimes are committed in custody.

(The DM is the only one currently updated with the sentence)

So I'm left wondering what exactly is the point? Why bother? This junkie will come out of jail and deposit his junk in some other excuse for a mother and hey presto another kid appears to be abused and murdered.

US justice has many flaws but is there really any justification for allowing these creatures to continue to breathe air?

via International Skeptics Forum

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