lundi 15 mai 2017

CSICon 2017 - The Best Thing We Have for Bringing Back TAM Today!

Yes, most of us are sad that TAM's been gone for over a year, now.

Yes, CSICon is not exactly like TAM.

But, you know what? It IS a good conference in itself! And THAT should count for something!

In this thread, we can discuss this further, as well as index who is actually going. (There is already a separate thread for volunteering: )

Some Key Differences:
1. The average age skewered older last year, though that MIGHT change since the line-up this year seems to have a bit more young-person's appeal.

2. There is no central community hub, like the ISF, to tie people together. CFI does have a social circle, but it's just not quite the same... yet. (Maybe we can get more of them on ISF! And more ISFer's can attend!)

3. Not much of any kind of Del Mar Lounge equivalent. But, we had that same problem at TAM13, and things went relatively all right, mostly.

4. The conference meals, if you opt for them, not buffet-style, and there are talks during parts of them.

What is the same:
1. Similar quality presentations and workshops, etc.

2. GOOD, smart people all around! That's the BEST thing about any of these conferences, really.

3. Opening reception is good for schmoozing and hob-nobbing.

What Is Better
1. The party is a Halloween Costume party!! (and this year it is also 70's disco, apparently? It wasn't like that last year.)
Unfortunately, they set a high price to attend the party, this year. But, you can attend for free if you volunteer!

2. It had a smaller number of attendees, than the last TAMs, so it was easier to hob-nob with the celebrity guests, again. (Though, that might change over time, too.)

The Hotel
The Excalibur hotel is a bit of a dump, actually, but it's just fine if you don't actually care about the hotel, and only care about the conference.

Pre-Con Trips and/or Stunts, Anyone?
If there is enough interest I will start a separate thread on this. But, here are some options for doing something interesting or boring before the conference starts:
  • Insanity the Ride: I've been wanting to do this for a while, but either it's too windy, I am too overbooked with other things, or I come up with too many other lame excuses to chicken out on it. But, THIS TIME I'd like to actually do it, assuming it's actually running. It's on top of the Stratosphere. I already did the SkyJump. Any other takers for Insanity?!!
  • Zip-Lining "2.0": This will be the zip line down Freemont street. They have two lines: I already went on the better of the two, but I want to do it AGAIN, this time with a helmet camera! I forgot to order the camera last time.
    Optionally, we can try the lesser of two lines, as well, just for the sake of comparison or completeness or something.
  • Field Trip to the ol' South Point. Let's see what they put in place of the Del Mar Lounge for ourselves!

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