mercredi 17 mai 2017

Breaking: Unusual activity at the Eastern District of Virginia Court

About 18 hours ago, several Twitter reporters, including Claude Taylor, noted that the schedules of several Federal judges in Alexandrea, VA were being cleared or significantly reduced, signalling the possibility of a number of cases being prepared for a hearing.

Broadsword Six, another of those reporters tweeted a few minutes ago that as of 1300 EDT, the Alexandrea courthouse has been closed to the public, with only those with active cases permitted in. Six's sources point out how highly unusual such a move is, given that the courthouse is a public building.

This activity falls within the 72-hour window discussed on Sun-Mon predicting a major move by Federal authorities investigating the Trump campaign and the GOP in relation to their manipulation of the presidential election and possible collusion with Russia.


via International Skeptics Forum

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