mercredi 10 mai 2017

"America is already best in the world at imprisoning people but we can do better..."


WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to soon toughen rules on prosecuting drug crimes, according to people familiar with internal deliberations, in what would be a major rollback of Obama-era policies that would put his first big stamp on a Justice Department he has criticized as soft on crime.

Mr. Sessions has been reviewing a pair of memos issued by his predecessor, Eric H. Holder Jr., who encouraged federal prosecutors to use their discretion in what criminal charges they filed, particularly when those charges carried mandatory minimum penalties.

The policy under consideration would return the department to the era of George W. Bush. In 2003, Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the nation’s prosecutors to bring the most serious charges possible in the vast majority of cases, with limited exceptions. Mr. Sessions could, however, craft his own policy that does not go quite so far; a draft is still being reviewed.

Mr. Sessions, who cut his teeth as a young prosecutor in Alabama during the height of the crack epidemic, came to office promising to make being tough on crime a top priority, and his new guidance on charging and sentencing would be the strongest articulation yet of his emphasis on a law-and-order agenda.

In contrast to Mr. Sessions’s views on drug crimes, the Obama administration pushed for more lenient and flexible sentencing laws and presided over the first decline in the federal prison population in a generation.

Having outperformed even the most ambitious totalitarian regimes in imprisonment you'd think that Americans would be content with lessening prison sentences for crimes and lowering the rate of imprisonment to the point that it would at be comparable with poor, corrupt and violent developing countries.

After-all if you insist on treating people as violent beasts that cannot be dealt with other than through whips and chains you yourself tend to become violent and beast-like in disposition.

The US diverged from other "developed countries" in how many of their people are in prison since the war on drugs started and reached its peak in 2008. Now The fact that the incarceration rate has been slowly but steadily falling in the US means that there's a risk it could yet again rejoin the society of civilized nations within a couple of decades.

This is of course unacceptable and it's only right to fight this horrible turn of events. Americans deserve violence, injustice and constant social tension. It's just their way of life and it must remain so in perpetuity. This is the essence of conservatism: keeping the things that work very well.

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