dimanche 7 mai 2017

Alan Wallace (Buddist) is trying to proof continuum of consciousness

I watched this debate between Sean Carroll (always great to listen to him) and Mr. Wallace, a Buddihst. Later in this debate Mr. Wallace says he is working an way to proof his claim that:

"The psyche is not emerging from the brain, conditioned by the environment. The human psyche is in fact emerging from an individual continuum of consciousness that is conjoined with the brain during the development of the fetus."
Although, in the video he says that we don't know if animals or even plants have consciousness...


BTW, to me this sounds a lot like Rupert Shelldrake stuff.

From 0:52 - 0:58 you get the gist of his view of consciousness.

And from 1:13 - 1:19 (at the end of these 6 min.) he says that it can be tested and that his vision is a research facility where people are trained for 5 - 10 years to penetrate through this dimension of human mind to deeper levels and explore the continuum of consciousness to retrieve memories of previous life.

Bold claim by me:
What's the big deal about consciousness anyway?
It's just a layer, a human definition or a label to a behaviour or ability that species (with bigger brains) can reflect about themselves and other things, in addition to the usual abilities to -just react- to the environment or behave in pre-programmed ways.

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