samedi 29 avril 2017

Reporting Rape on College Campuses: New Solutions

Ever since the arrest of Jesse Matthew for the murders of Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington, I've been disturbed at how many times this lying, raping, murdering dude got away with crime.

I believe that colleges and universities need to have some sort of coherent and organized way to track rape claims, and to pass them along when a student transfers, for public safety reasons.

(I'm aware that this idea is fraught with problems, but I can't give up chasing it in my head, because I'm bothered that we'll let real people be murdered in the woods because we can't figure out some paperwork.)

Here's one possible solution: third-party reporting.

It gets around the thorny problem of a girl at a university reporting her rape to that university's police department. Obviously, the police department has a perverse incentive to quash her claim because no one wants to send their daughters to a college where they'll be raped.

What do you guys think about Callisto?

via International Skeptics Forum

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