mercredi 18 janvier 2017

VA mental health care system needs work.

I just tried to set up an intake into the VA mental health care system and failed. Apparently, they want my records first. Personally I would like to do the intake but they refused. Apparently, according to the nurses, they get a lot of fakers, and people who are trying to get benzos so they must be rude and screen people out. After two tries I said that I would make my appointment with my current doctor to which they said fine but we wouldn't pay for it. I guess I am offput by the intake nurses. They seem like they are playing at being petty gods and we are the sacrifices. Wow this is good. Anybody know where I can send this post too? I am like ok, whatever. Lady said fine and hung up the phone on me. This Vets health care is just lovely.

I guess I am new to the system and not used to being talked to this way. I guess I will have either work with it, or push off eventually.

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