vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Mind Hacking

Anyone know if there are any laws prohibiting someone from hacking into another human beings mind? Perhaps it falls under religious territory?

I apologize if this belongs in another thread.. I didnt see any others..

I had an interesting experience, concerning this topic.. Sometimes I'm able to remember more than I currently can..

I don't know where to start in finding help with mind hackers.. I'm assuming there isn't any laws protecting us from this? It was fascinating. However, I'm left unable to feel certain things.. Not to mention, the privacy invasion is life altering..

Perhaps this is a growing phenomenon? (mind hacking)



It all made me wonder what makes things dawn on us? Has anyone ever demonstrated how our minds are linked/connected to whatever it is connected to? When someone hacked into my mind, they seemed to disconnect me from whatever it is that our minds are connected to. They hooked me up in some strange fashion, demonstrating something (i became too hurt / inebriated to be able to understand what someone was demonstrating).. I was hacked / controlled around my room for awhile.. It was very fascinating.. There were many people involved, some of who were coveting my "connections". The end result: I dont feel nearly as intelligent.. And I'm unsure that I can feel all of my emotions.. The controller told many stories (with analogies / parables)..

Wherever my mind roamed, the experience went.. I eventually had trouble understanding if I were communicating with God, Aliens, Angels or Military.. I wouldnt doubt that they were all involved..

I'll try to add more, as I remember (if i dont end up feeling paranoid & deleting the thread)

"They" remain in my head.. I'll add more, as it comes to mind.. Hopefully this can become a fascinating conversation..


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