samedi 21 janvier 2017

Balance in your life and the univurse


I have this theory that I believe is how things work. and I know this theory already exists. but I want to go a little into feelings, and the good and bad and how I believe it works. I am new to this site, found it searching for a better place then facebook to express my thoughts on things like my theories. figured it would be more excepted here. forgive my spelling and punctuation. never been good at that. but doesn't mean I don't think or am stupid. I don't believe you have to be a pro writer to understand how things work. anyhow back to my theory XD.

so why I believe it is impossible to have full peace on earth. or at least we can't if we don't understand our feelings and why they happen. see to me it is all about balance. life, the universe, every thing you know is balanced. and you can never have a positive with out a negative to counter act it. and right now your saying, ok nothing we didn't already know. well, I thought a little deeper into trying to understand it on a feeling base,and I think feeling are energy. so if one person has a positive feeling, some where else it's triggering a negative to counter act it in someone else. like when people post religious stuff on facebook, the person posting it is sending positive energy because of the way they feel at the time they posted it. then some of the people who are feeling negative could feel something positive, well others that were feeling positive will get negative feeling even for a moment. but all these feeling are countering others creating a balance. and these are just little spats of negative and positive energy even if you don't realize that for a millisecond you gave off a certain energy. and when too much of one energy is being produced things start becoming chaotic in people, because balance is being thrown off. and this is when riots start, wars, fights, ect. but I also believe it effects other things as well, and not just people. I believe it effects everything when one thing is off balance in the universe. have you ever wondered why you can sense how someone feels when you are around them? it's the energy they are putting off, and you feel it because everything is connected. and the energy put off from there feelings is a physical energy. and with enough physical energy you can make physical worldly disasters happen if it's not balanced. and when our world gets out of balance, it throws the whole universe off. our universe is made of positive and negative energy no matter where you go in it. and energy even though you may not see it is a physical thing. we use it in our everyday lives in everything we do and turn on. I believe we can live in piece but we all have to know how our feeling work and why they exist. so we know how to act when we do get overwhelming feeling and know it's ok to have them feelings, but not to act on them in a negative manor. and just know that even the most powerful hate energy is there to balance everything you know. I believe the energy we produce for the universe plays a huge role in why it even exists. we are all connected by energy. have you also wondered why sometimes, you just know things with out a single thought into it? or information just pops in your head out of no where? I believe it is because every thought puts out a energy, and some people just like reading and writing are better at receiving the information. so to me, the information your receiving is from the energy someone else produced, that you receive as information when you tap into that energy. and I also think that all energy contain a form of information. whether it be a feeling or a thought or something more. I think if scientist ever created a machine that would read all energy forms and turn the information into a visual form we could learn so much more about how our universe works and why it exists. maybe quantum computing is the answer? IDK, what do you think of my thoughts? I would go a little deeper, but I suffer from ADD and getting off track ATM XD.

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