vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Another tragic 'Woo' story.

Another sad story of someone exploiting the desperate and dying.
Apart from the complete rip off, (a huge mark up on soda bic), there is the fact that someone has wasted their last few months of life travelling thousands of miles from their family and wasting their money then when inevitably things deteriorate their is the cost in the US system of urgent care and travel home.

This has obviously been happening for some time at last appears something is being done about it in this case.

It is not unusual for there to be fund raising campaigns for people to travel abroad for treatment that is not available on the NHS, often when one looks at the details it is clear that it is either woo or very experimental treatment often not in any proper research program (I am thinking of a variety of 'immunotherapies' that are offered for cancer without evidence of efficacy). It is certainly true that the NHS declines to fund some treatments of marginal efficacy, but these are available in the UK through private health providers. By and large if you have to travel to a country without good regulation of alternative health care then it is likely the treatment is dubious.

I have found that telling a fund raiser in this situation that they are being conned and I am not giving money to support a con and they would be better spending the money on a cruise or proper healthcare does not go down well; often there is a huge group think and buy in from the family and fund raisers.

(If you do not want to follow the link, young female captain in British Army develops terminal breast cancer and spends her and family's savings on getting alkaline treatment in California; gets worse and does get home to UK to die at some additional expense. All adding additional trauma to an already tragic situation.)

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